Mobility Solutions

Get Back On Your Feet

Rediscover the confidence that comes with independence and venture to work, play, school, or wherever your imagination takes you. With the right products, nothing will slow you down!

Mobility Solutions


Our dedicated, knowledgable staff can guide you through the process of purchasing a mobility product that will maximize your independence and comfort.

Canes & Crutches

Select from a wide variety of adjustable designer canes – folding, single-point, or quad!

We carry youth, adult, and tall-sized adjustable underarm crutches!

Knee Walkers

Do you have a foot or ankle injury but hate crutches?  We have a large rental fleet of steerable knee walkers in the region!  We rent them by the month while you recover from injury or surgery.

Walkers & Rollators

We carry a variety of foldable, front-wheeled walkers that are height-adjustable in junior or adult sizes.  We offer several models of 4-wheeled rollators in blue, red, maroon, or pink!

Don’t forget your walker accessories : baskets, trays, quilted bags, cup holders, replacement glides and skis!

Transport Chairs & Wheelchairs

The transport chair is designed with the user and caregiver in mind.  Perfect for easy transportation, the light-weight aluminum design is strong, yet foldable for convenient storage.

Promedcare’s wheelchairs are great chairs, at a great price.  The carbon steel frame with silver vein finish is lightweight and durable and are available in a variety of seat widths.  It is very customizable with dual-axels, adjustable seat depths, and full- or desk-length flip-back detachable arm rests.

We rent both styles of chairs monthly!

Seat Lift Chairs

If getting up and down from a sofa or chair is not as simple as it used to be for your loved one, buying a power lift chair may be the right move.  Choosing the right power list chair includes some important considerations including size, style, fabric, and other upgrades.  Promedcare will work closely with you to make sure you or your loved on gets the exact model and configuration that meets your needs and desires.

Golden Technology Lift Chairs

Golden Technologies manufactures some of the highest quality lift chairs on the market today. Each lift chair series is designed to meet certain needs whether they be economic, aesthetic, or medical.  With several series including different styles, sized and fabrics, the combination of choices are endless.  Golden Technology also offers one of the most progressive warranty programs in the industry.

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