Patient Aids

Aids to Daily Living (ADL’s)

Daily living products help people with reduced mobility and flexibility to maintain their independence at home. These include tools for those with reaching and grasping capabilities, supports for those with foot and knee disabilities, and items designed to help recover from hip replacement surgeries, among others.

Dressing Aides

  • Reachers
  • Sock Aides
  • Dressing Sticks
  • Long-Handled Shoe Horns
  • Leg-Lifters

Automobile Aides

  • Handy-Bars
  • Swivel Seat Cushions
  • Seat Belt Reacher

Bedroom Aides

  • Bedside Rails
  • Security Pole & Grab Bar

Patient Aids

For some people, the act of sitting up or getting out of bed isn’t possible without help from products like a hospital bed or patient lift.  These items and their accessories have special features both for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience and safety of the health care worker.

Hospital Beds

If your doctor has prescribed a home hospital bed, you probably need it for proper positioning during sleep and bed rest.  The most common diagnoses for a hospital bed are congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), quadriplegia, and various neurological diseases.  A hospital bed can also be used to assist the tranfer into and out of your bed.

There are three basic types of home hospital beds: full electric, semi electric and manual. Full and semi-electric beds have the same electric functions for raising and lowering the head and foot sections. The difference between the two is that a full electric frame height adjusts with an electric motor and the frame height on a semi is adjusted with a hand crank. A manual bed has hand adjustments for all three functions.

Full electric beds are difficult to get funded through insurance carriers as the electric frame height adjustment is not usually considered medically necessary. Many people will not need to change the frame height once the bed is set to the proper height for the user. Some people will adjust the frame height higher or lower so they will be transferring “downhill” either into or out of the bed.

Our beds, including the frame, mattress and side rails, are available to rent or purchase.  Promedcare’s knowledgeable staff will help you pick out the appropriate home hospital bed and accessories to maximize your comfort and rest.

Lifts & Slings

Hydraulic and battery-powered patient lifts and slings work together to form complete patient transfer systems. Lifts are mechanisms used to hoist the disabled patient that needs to be moved, while slings hook up to the lift’s arm and cradle the patient during transfer.

If you’re looking for a safe, efficient way to transfer the person in your care from one room or area to another, look no further.  Our lifts are available for rent or purchase.

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