Bath Safety

Simple and Safe Solutions

Bath safety is essential for people of all ages – it is the most dangerous room in the house.  Slippery surfaces and sharp corners where someone can hit their head contribute to thousands of injuries each year.  Bath safety is very imporant to fall prevention but also allowing seniors to maintain their independence.  We offer a wide variety of bath safety products to provide stability and assistance when needed.  With the right bath safety aides in place, the most dangerous room can become one of the safest.

Grab Bars
  • A propery installed grab bar can provide balance assistance exactly where the user needs it.  It is best to have a handy-man install the bar for you.  For a more temporary solutuion, suction-cup grab bars can be removed and taken with you when necessary.
Bath Seats


  • Stepping over the side of a bathtub can make it difficult to take a bath in their own home.  A transfer bench allow the user to sit down on the outside of the tub and then slide across the seat.
  • A shower chair works well with shower stalls with little to no ledge and help prevent fatigue while bathing and provide a comfortable place to sit.  We carry multiple styles – with or without a backrest, with or without arms, and some with a rotating seat.
Raised Toilet Seats
  • An attachment to an existing toilet like a raised toilet seat adds an extra 5″ of height for the user, making it easier for those with difficulty sitting down or getting up.   You can get them with or without tool-free arms or elongated to fit different styles of toilets.
  • An all-in-one bedside commode is an option for those without strength to make it all the way to the bathroom. But it can also be configured to be used as a toilet safety frame or an elevated toilet sea by putting it over your existing toilet with adjustable height legs.
  • If you need something a tad more stable, we carry an additional option with a higher weight capacity, designed to combine comfort with strength and durability.  Weight capacity: 450 lbs.
Bath Aides
  • There are many other bathroom aides that can help making bathing easier including hand-held shower attachments, long-handled sponges, non-slip bath mats, cast protectors and rinse-free products.

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